"Teach children how to play chess and

you will not have to worry about their futureĀ "

- Paul Murphy



Private chess lessons.
This course is for everyone who wants to play better chess. One on one chess lessons are the most effective way to improve your chess skills. Find out more 



Group chess lessons.
 If you are looking for an experienced chess tutor for your chess club, or you would like to join to the chess club this course is for you. Find out more 



Chess in Schools.
If you are interested to run chess lessons with a  professional tutor in your school for young children this course is for you. Please contact me.  Find out more 


” Every Chess master was once a beginner ” – Irving Chernev

About Me

Chess coach in London


My name is Patryk and I am chess tutor based in London. I am also an international chess player.

Chess is a part of my life. I would be delighted to teach you play chess and show you an amazing chess world.

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How to sign up for chess lessons?

Step one

Send email

If you are looking for a chess tutor for your children or would like to improve your chess skills you are in the right place! Please let me know about it and send me an email. 

Step two

Receive my offer

I will prepare an offer for you and send you more details about chess lessons.

Step three

Choose the time for our chess lessons

Next we must only choose the day and time for our chess meetings and …..

Step four

We can begin the course!

Now you can enjoy our chess lessons and have a lot of fun playing chess.

” Chess, like love, like music, has the power to make people happy ” – Siegbert Tarrasch