Chess coach

Hi. My name is Patryk and I am  a chess coach based in London. I am also an active international chess player.

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My education of playing chess started in Poland when I was 14 years old. Since this time chess game become an important part of my life.

During my study time I was 3 times a medalist  ( gold, silver and bronze ) of The Polish Academic Team Chess Championship playing for The Wroclaw University team. I also played regularly in The Polish Second Chess League for AKS Mikolow as well as in many International Chess Tournaments.

I am the Candidate Master of Polish Chess Federation, My current ECF rating 204A

Curently, I am an active player of Ealing chess club and 4NCL Cambridge University.

Feel free to contact me if you have any enquires.

I moved to the UK in the middle of 2012. I am also a wedding photographer. I would be delighted if you can visit my Wedding photography website to have a look on my photography work.