Chess Coach London

Chess Coach London

Chess Coaching London

Get one to one chess coaching in London from an experienced player who simply loves the game. Whether you have just begun dabbling in the fine arts of bishops, queens and pawns or simply want to improve your technique, tactics and strategy, getting some private tuition in chess can make a big difference.

Why Play Chess?

All of us get bombarded with so much nowadays. With many options, we often forget that there are age old pursuits and challenges that are still worth playing. Coaching chess in London shows that there are many people who have actually fallen for this unique game of strategy and daring.
The game is thought to have been invented in India around the 5th century before spreading to Persia and then being taken up across large swathes of the Muslim world. Today, you’ll be hard pressed to find a country where chess isn’t played. Every town and borough in and around London and the Home Counties has their own chess club, places where people can go along and play each other, either socially or in tournaments.

Chess, of course, has numerous great benefits:

Improve your memory: There’s been some research done that shows games like chess help to improve memory. In fact, chess is excellent for maintaining and developing a wide range of cognitive functions that can help you think more clearly and will have an impact on other parts of your life. That includes language, critical thinking and spatial processing to name just a few.
No Game is the Same: As a challenge to your mind and strategic ability, no game of chess is the same as another. Okay, you might replay a famous game to see how it worked, and there are passages of play that come up again and again, but in the general cut and thrust, each time you set up the board is a unique occasion.
You Never Know Everything: Chess is a game where you are constantly learning new things and surprising yourself (as well as being surprised by your opponent). And if you get some chess coaching you can improve your game even more, perhaps developing the nuanced playing ability that puts you ahead of your opponent.
Time and Distance Depends on You: The longest tournament game on record took place in 1989 and lasted over 20 hours. People can play games lasting for years. In the days of writing letters, players separated by many miles or continents sent their moves by post. Nowadays many play against each other online. Of course, chess can also be played in just a few minutes if you have a speed challenge and a clock.

Chess is a game of tactics and strategy. You need to be able to think ahead and know the value of your pieces. If you live in London and want to develop your skills a little more, chess coaching is one good way to move forward.

As a chess coach, I’m able to travel to most locations in and around London. Whether you’re a young pretender who wants to be a Grand Master or a latecomer who just wants to play better, contact me today to find out how I can help.

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