Private chess course

Private chess lessons.
chess tutor West London
Individual chess lessons are the most effective way to  make a progress in chess.
Whether you are just starting out or have been playing for several years I am ready to help you reach your potential and become better player.
If you are just starting out I will teach you fundamentals chess step by step. You will be able to play reasonable game of chess.
If you know how to play chess or you are tournament player then, my the very first step is to find  your strengths and weaknesses in particular areas of play. Next we will eliminate weaknesses and maximalize your results in games  by better understanding and improve chess skills.
I  show you the correct way how to analyze own games, prepare for tournaments or important games and how to work on chess.
Generally, the private lessons entails 1-2 hours weekly sessions ( of course more frequent sessions can be arranged. )
Most of my private chess lessons are at your home. Sometimes due to the distance between me and you our meetings are not possible so I am also provide private chess lessons on line via Skype. 
If you would be interested please get in touch.

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